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Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has adopted as its fundamental mission the goal of creating a truly meaningful society by building attractive, environmentally sound communities where people can live, work and relax with contentment. By putting this mission into practice, MEL will actively play a role in the CSR initiatives conducted by Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc., (“MJIA”) MEL’s asset management company.

Improve Tenant Satisfaction

MEL and MJIA have identified “improve tenant satisfaction” as a material topic. We have implemented various measures to improve tenant satisfaction.

  • Restaurants and Lounge

  • Convenience store

  • Shower room

  • Shuttle bus

  • Multipurpose restroom

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

To improve tenant satisfaction, we conduct satisfaction survey regularly towards the tenants by either ”face-to-face communication" or "questionnaire format". The consecutive survey enable us to capture the tenant needs and quickly respond by renewal of facilities or implement refurbishment to further improve tenant satisfaction.

Prior to the renovation of the lounge at MJ Logipark Fukuoka 1, hearings were held with tenant employees. Based on the results, we installed free Wi-Fi, rechargeable outlets, large TVs, microwave ovens, and adopted layouts that facilitate individual use. In addition, we held competition for the wall design in cooperation with local universities and technical colleges, and decided on a design proposal.

  • Before Renovation

  • After Renovation

In 2019, MJ Logipark Kasugai 1 conducted a satisfaction survey (face-to-face interview) targeting tenant companies. Based on the results, we implemented the installation of handdriers in toilets.

We reviewed our electricity suppliers for multiple properties, reduced electricity cost for tenants, and improved tenant satisfaction.

Initiatives for the Safety of Tenants

MEL has been proactively implementing measures for the safety of tenants.

  • Conduct fire drills

  • 24-hour security

  • Installation of a disaster-relief vending machine

  • Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)

  • Secure reserves in case of emergency (Beverage)

  • Secure reserves in case of emergency
    (Food & portable toilet)

Contributions to Local Communities

Relationship with Local Communities

MEL has been participating in a range of activities to contribute to local communities and local society. We also foster mutual communication with various stakeholders, including local authorities, local residents, and visitors of our facilities, through such activities.

  • Cleanup volunteer activity after
    Atsugi Ayu Firework Festival
    near MJ Logipark Atsugi 1

  • Lawn-mowing at greenery
    areas in MJ LogiparkAtsugi 1

  • Donate stockpile
    from LOGIPORT Hashimoto

  • Public green space
    (MJ Logipark Atsugi 1)

  • Free beverage service for
    tenants at LOGIPORT Sagamihara

  • Installed charity vending machine
    (Logipark Fukuoka 1)

  • Free salt candy service for tenants
    (for all properties held as of Aug. 2020)

Participated in the Eco-friendly Cap Recycling Program

We participated in the activity to collect PET bottle caps in the office and sorted collection. Through recycling PET bottle caps it protects the global environment, and also, deliver immunity to children around the world through the profit from recycling.

Relief Supplies to the Developing Countries

As a substitute for notebooks, we donated unused calendars to elementary schools in developing countries through support organizations to support children in the future.
Furthermore, we donated disaster prevention supplies that are no longer needed to volunteer firefighters and rescue teams in developing countries through support organizations to provide disaster relief.

Donate Masks to Chiyoda Ward Health Center

Under the current circumstances of the shortage of masks at medical institutions, we donated the 1,900 unused surge masks we have stored to the Chiyoda Ward Health Center.