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MJ Industrial Park Sakai (Land)

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As of February 28, 2021

Location 2-1, Ohamanishimachi, Sakai-ku,  Sakai, Osaka
Completion date -
Total floor space - m²
Land area 87,476.71 m²
Leasable area (Note 1) 87,476.71 m²
Acquisition price 5,600
Appraisal value (Note 2) 5,780
Appraisal NOI yield 3.8%
Number of tenants (Note 2) 1
Nearest train station Approx. 1.4 km from “Minato Station” of Nankai Main Line
Approx. 1.6 km from “Sakai Station” of Nankai Main Line
Major trunk road Approx. 1.4 km from “Ohama IC” on the Hanshin Expressway No. 4 Wangan Route
Approx. 0.4 km from the Osaka Rinkai Route on Route 29, Osaka
(Note 1) “Leasable area” is the sum total of the land area regarded as being available for leasing based on the lease agreement.
(Note 2) “Number of tenants” is based on the lease agreements with tenants for warehouses, offices and lands for each property or property in trust.

Location Profile

■Facing Sakai-Semboku port, suitable for manufacturing large structures and shipping from the sea.
■The surrounding area, including the property, is an industrial zone that belongs to Sakai-Semboku Coastal Industrial Zone located on the eastern coast of Osaka Bay. It is currently one of the leading industrial zones in the prefecture where approximately 240 companies are operating mainly in steel, chemical, oil, gas and electricity industries.

Facility Profile

■The only factory of IHI Infrastructure Systems Co., Ltd. located in Sakai-Semboku Coastal Industrial Zone.