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Basic Policy and Management Structure of ESG

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Basic Policy and Management Structure of ESG

MEL is committed to endeavoring to enhance consideration towards the environment, social contributions and corporate governance to improve the sustainability of society. We recognize that this is an important social responsibility for a listed enterprise to assume, and also believe that it is essential for maximizing our unitholder value.
To put our commitment into practice, MEL together with its asset management company, Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc. ("MJIA"), shares the sustainability objectives, and continues to embed sustainability into our business.

Sustainability Policy

1.Pursue Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon

We proactively pursue energy efficiency and takes steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our portfolio by installing and switching to energy-saving products and utilizing renewable energy.

2.Improve Water Resource Management and Waste Management

We strive to improve the efficiency of water use and to implement 3R waste programs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in order to make effective use of limited resources in our portfolio.

3.Enhance of Tenant Safety, Security and Satisfaction

We implement disaster preparedness and damage prevention measures in our portfolio and strive to increase tenant safety and security. We promote improvement of operation methods based on our tenants’ needs, installment of equipment, and improve tenant satisfaction.

4.Empower Our People

We provide various training and skills/career development programs into our development of employees’ capabilities to raise environmental awareness. We are also committed to creating a work environment that is comfortable for all members of our diverse pool of talent, thereby making it possible for everyone to reach their full potential.

5.Collaborate with External Stakeholders

We strive to build relationships of goodwill with external stakeholders including tenants, property managers and all others along the supply chain, as well as with local communities and local governing bodies. We focus on collaborating with these parties as we put this policy into practice.

6.Disclose ESG Information and Obtain Environmental Certifications

We endeavor to disclose ESG related information to our investors and various other stakeholders. In addition, we work to obtain environmental certifications as needed in order to strengthen our sustainability efforts.

7.Ensure Compliance and Risk Management

In addition to complying laws and regulations, we adhere to social norms including fair transactions, appropriate information management practices, prevention of corruption, prevention of conflicts of interest and respect for human rights and diversity. Over the medium- to long-term, we consider the environmental and social risks related to our portfolio, incorporate these considerations into the real estate management process to minimize risk.

Sustainability Committee

Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors,Inc (MJIA) convenes its Sustainability Committee with a view to implementing the Sustainability Policy in order to improve sustainability and maximize its unitholder value.

Members of the Committee

President & CEO (Chief Sustainability Officer)
General Manager Corporate Management Department (Sustainability Officer)
Full-time executives, General Managers of other departments and those who are appointed by the President & CEO

Reporting Details and Meeting Frequency

As a general rule, the Committee is held once every three months, and annually examines and deliberates ESG goals and sustainability-related objectives and measures that are proposed. At the Committee, President & CEO, who is the most senior decision-maker, receives reports of the aforesaid examinations and deliberations and makes the final decisions. In principle, the progress and accomplishment status of the objectives and measures determined are reported at the upcoming Committee, including the President & CEO. The member of the Committee reviews the reported status of the progress. In addition, Sustainability Executive Officer, which is the Executive Vice President, General Manager, Corporate Management Department, and Fund Executive Officer, which is the Executive Director of Mitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT Investment Corporation ("MEL"), engaging in sustainability provide reports on the sustainability-related objectives and measures proposed along with the status of the progress and other relevant information at the Board of Directors meetings of the asset management company. As for MEL, it holds periodically the Board of Directors meetings to brief the directors on the status of our sustainability initiatives and performance.