Maximize Unitholder Value by
Improving Sustainability

MEL is committed to endeavoring to enhance consideration towards the environment, social contributions and corporate governance to improve the sustainability of society. We recognize that this is an important social responsibility for a listed enterprise to assume, and also believe that it is essential for maximizing our unitholder value.
To put our commitment into practice, MEL together with its asset management company, MJIA, shares the sustainability objectives, and continues to embed sustainability into our business.


We have established KPIs for FY 2030 in order to promote our response to the globally rising risks of climate change.

Top Message

As a member of the Mitsubishi Estate Group, we will promote ESG-related initiatives and aim to maximize unitholder value by improving sustainability.

Approaches to Climate Change

Recognizing that climate change is an important global issue and a medium-to long-term risk, the Investment Corporation is working to mitigate climate change and its impact through measures such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to adapt to make it an opportunity for the Investment Corporation.


We have published this report for the purpose of publicizing our approach to ESG and our initiatives to a wide range of stakeholders, including investors.

External Evaluations and Certifications