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As of February 28, 2021

Location 1-2-27 Akamatsu-dai, Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Completion date June 6, 2017
Total floor space 12,879.33 m²
Land area 20,000.93 m²
Leasable area (Note 1) 12,844.35 m²
Acquisition price 3,900
Appraisal value 4,220
Appraisal NOI yield 5.1%
Number of tenants (Note 2) 1
Nearest train station Approx. 3.7 km from "Flower Town Station" of the Kobe Electric Railway Koen-Toshi Line
Major trunk road Approx. 2.0 km from "Kobe Sanda Interchange" of the Chugoku Expressway and the Rokko-Kita Toll Road
(Note 1) “Leasable area” is the sum total of the area regarded as being available for leasing based on each lease agreement, building drawing, etc. for buildings (excluding the leased area stated in the lease agreement for shops, vending machines, photovoltaic power generation facilities and parking spaces).
(Note 2) “Number of tenants” is based on the lease agreements with tenants for warehouses, offices and lands for each property or property in trust.

Location Profile

■Prime location with excellent access to Tokai and Chugoku regions as well as throughout the Kinki region since it is located next to "Kobe Sanda Interchange" of the Chugoku Expressway and the Rokko-Kita Toll Road in addition to the opening of the section between "Takatsuki Junction・Interchange" and "Kobe Sanda Interchange" of the Shin Meishin Expressway in March 2018.
■Located in industrial park accumulating factories, warehouses and others and 24-hour operation is available.

Facility Profile

■Build-to-suit type logistics facility designated for Sato group, a long-established logistics corporate group developing various business such as large shopping center and grocery store around Kyoto and north of Hyogo.
■It is capable of storing cargo at three different temperatures (freezer, cold and standard temperature space). A logistics facility with PC, DC and TC functions.
■It has berths for operation where 30 or more trucks can park and load and rooftop parking spaces for more than 150 cars designated for employees.